Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hannah's Room

An adorable pink and brown room that can grow with my daughter.

I created this design on my computer first.  Then, used different sized bowls from my cupboard to make the circles.  Each flower is really just 7 circles.  The scalloped border is also a bowl half-circle repeated (easiest to make a cardboard template and trace).  A steady and hand and some patience is all that is required to paint them all.

The toy box was an unfinished cedar box I found and painted to match.

Pink flower light from IKEA and pink height chart from Hobby Lobby

This was an unfinished small dresser from IKEA ($40). 
I found painting all of the pieces BEFORE putting the dresser together made it so much easier and cleaner looking than if I had put the dresser together first.  I also figured that after my daughter outgrows the dresser, it can be her doll dresser.

I love these! They are Umbra flowers I found at Target and were originally gray. I simply spray painted them brown for the room. They look metal, but they are actually plastic. Very light and safe and really easy to install (a little tack goes in the wall first and then you "snap" the flower on). They have other shapes like butterflies that would be really cute, too.

I love wall quotes and found the perfect one for this room above the crib,
"Dream until YOUR dream comes true."

Hannah's Name
I purchased the letters at Hobby Lobby. They were all white (too boring for me!). I actually created the patterns on my computer first, printed them out on regular paper and then mod podged them onto the letters (which I painted the sides pink first).  When the mod podge dries clear, it looks just like the letters were hand painted! You could easily buy scrapbooking paper and do the same thing.

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